What makes Flutter the best framework for app development? This question may be revolving in your mind when you hear about its capability to develop apps faster and with ease. 

What you heard is right! Flutter has become the most hyped platform for app development since its release. Nowadays, even the top mobile app design companies use this framework to provide the best mobile app design services. And the reason behind this is its capability to provide faster development and flexible UI. 

What I told you is just a tiny glimpse of Flutter. There is a whole ocean of Flutter that you have to know. In this post, we will learn more about Flutter frameworks and their five features that make them the best choice for mobile app development. 

What Is Flutter? 

Google's Flutter is a free, open-source UI framework for developing native mobile applications. Developed in 2017, Flutter allows developers to build an app using a single codebase and programming language. This Flutter feature simplifies and accelerates the development of iOS and Android apps.

The Flutter framework includes a software development kit (SDK) and a widget-based UI library. This package contains reusable UI components, including sliders, buttons, and text inputs.

Developers working with the Flutter framework will use the Dart programming language to create mobile applications. With a syntax like JavaScript, Dart is a typed object programming language that focuses on front-end development. 

Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that allows developers to build an aesthetically beautiful app natively compiled into mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing code and is used by developers and organizations worldwide.

There are several benefits to using Flutter rather than just one. With Flutter's cross-platform capabilities, developers can create native-looking apps that run on Android and iOS devices with less expense and effort spent developing them.

Developers can quickly iterate on their apps and view changes in real-time thanks to the built-in hot reload capability of Flutter.

Similar to React and React Native, Flutter is free and open source. You can use it to develop Android, iOS, web, and desktop apps using a single codebase. The best part is there are no licensing fees or costs associated with using Flutter. 

5 Features of Flutter That Makes It The Best for App Development

The benefits mentioned above of Flutter app development derive from its features. The top five features of Flutter make it the best among other platforms. 

Widget Library 

The widget library is one characteristic that makes Flutter the ideal choice for mobile app development. Widgets are designed to provide smooth performance to apps. Flutter offers a large widget library to developers, allowing them to create innovative apps using its competent and complicated widgets.

Furthermore, user choices are considered when this functionality is injected into Flutter. This increases the audience's acceptance of your application. Animations are also included in the package to make applications more attractive and practical. 

The widgets library is another incentive to select Flutter since it reduces development time and, as a result, the cost of developing a Flutter project. Even for sophisticated applications, it works quicker than expected.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload is another notable feature that contributes to Flutter's popularity. This feature allows the developer to express themselves more freely. Developers may change their code on the fly, which will be reflected in the application in a matter of seconds.

Hot Reload is a striking Flutter feature that allows developers to display updates in sub-seconds. In the long run, this functionality reduces the cost, effort, and time required to create a Flutter app. Furthermore, the changes may be seen without the risk of causing harm to hardware, emulators, or simulators.

Minimal Code

There is no better tool than "Flutter" for developing apps on a tight budget. Flutter mobile app development uses Dart, one of the powerful features of Flutter. The programming language Dart uses 'Ahead of time (AOT) and 'just-in-time (JIT) compilation to improve the overall startup time. 

Dart's Hot Reload feature somehow improves the development system. The user interface may be updated and improved using Dart without requiring new scripts. This forces business owners to choose, especially if they are budding entrepreneurs looking to save money and effort.

Native Features & SDKs

Flutter's native codes allow developers to perform more effectively. APIs and third-party integrations get easier with it. Since there is direct access to the widgets, developers can work on the application by marking the uniqueness of different iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia platforms.

Developers can integrate the platform functionalities, like navigating, scrolling, etc., by using the widgets. Flutter can provide an effective native experience to users based on their platforms, iOS and Android.

Cross Platform Development

How would you feel if you could develop code for several platforms using a single platform? Can't believe it? However, using Flutter, developers can write code that works across several platforms. The same codebase can be used for two separate applications. In addition to sharing the UI code, the UI itself is also transferable. Maintaining a single codebase is simpler than maintaining several codebases for various platforms.


So, these are some of the features that make Flutter popular among mobile app developers. Excellent Webworld recommends Flutter because it will give you a better hold on the market. If you hire a Flutter app developer, don't hesitate to communicate your overall expectations for the end project. We will handle everything for you, including application development, testing, and delivery. 

As a responsible Flutter app development company, we assure you that all features will be used to their full potential to deliver the best version of your application!